Wednesday 14 April 2010

Miss Dee La Beau Frock!

The latest frock and a new cover gal!

Dee La Beau asked Able Grable to make a copy of a vintage frock she was dying to own.
Here is our version.

We try hard to please and everyone who collaborated in the project agreed that this dress simply must be made for everyone to dream about owning! Dee kindly agreed to let Able Grable offer
her design idea to you all. She's a dream.

Photography was by Nicole at THE HOURGLASS Dee tells me there is nothing quite like becoming an Hourglass Girl. I have admired Nicole for a very long time and am delighted to have her featured on Able Grable with her delicious work!



  1. What a BEAUTIFUL dress. Dee La Beau looks just gorgeous!!

  2. That dress is lovely. Dee La Beau is beautiful, and so curvacious! Her figure is hella sexy! I'm so glad, everyone seems to be so skinny these days, but your models have beautiful figures!

    I love you dresses, Shell, xxxx

  3. love it! the colors are great.

  4. I bloomin' love that dress! :D
    Thanks for the comments ladies!

  5. xx We are so happy you like the dress :-)