Monday 24 January 2011

Who needs a stylist when you are this stylish?

Dee La Beau is one of my biggest customers, she certainly knows her stuff,
it's just wonderful to see what she does with her Able Grable goodies.

Look at this, for example, she's multi talented.

Photography : Jonathan Keys

Friday 21 January 2011

Miss Amanda Lee

Miss Amanda Lee & Doug Monce do it again with this stylish calender.

You can see Amanda wearing her Wicked Lady Frock and her Miss Scarlet Street blouse.

Wonderful, yours for $10 direct from Amanda

Jitterbugdoll @

Tuesday 18 January 2011

Miss Lola Burns

We were thrilled when Model and Burlesque dancer Dee La Beau chose to wear Able Grable at her recent shoot with Mark Pinder.

The results are superb.

Dee has a blog here!

Find her on Flickr here!

This dress is discontinued, sadly!

Retro To Go

We are proud to have been featured on one of our most favourite Style websites on the 7th January for the second time.

We have numerous favourites on this site, you can find everything from a Pencil sharpener to a 1960's house!


Wednesday 12 January 2011


Firstly apologies for the delay! I numbered some doggie treats and my boy picked numbers 7 & 11 first.
So that's Tart Deco & Retro Chick, who are the lucky gals!
Send me your addresses to ablegrable @ g mail . com