Wednesday 8 June 2011

Miss Loretta

I get heaps of requests to model for me.

My new Model is Gemma of

I had purchased an old Sinatra 78 online and when it arrived it was broken.
Gemma saw me twittering my upset and her husband sent me his.

In return, because I was so overwhelmed by their kindness I made Gemma a new
blouse, a brand new design.

She worked with Miss DeMuir Vintage Burlesque Photography (more about this lady coming soon!) and they produced some wonderful images for also coming soon to the website.

No messages about wanting to model etc, just something that fell into place, Love things when they work out!

Visit Miss DeMuir here and find out more about Miss Matilda and how to get a special photo shoot, just like the above! Here!


  1. What a pretty blouse! And a pretty gal! Must've been kismet. :)

  2. it was -) she's such a llovely girl xx