Friday 4 June 2010

Able Grable Giveaway!

Happy Birthday to AbleGrable, we are 1 whole year old.

I want to thank all of you out there who have given such wonderful support!
You know who you are!!

Have a drink on me!

(Dita in Stockholm mixing ! 1st June 2010)

Well, I can't physically give you all a drink, but I can give you one chance to win one of these very special little pink shakers to make a celebration cocktail.

Just look at the things you can make!

To win the shaker just like Dita is using, just post a recipe here for a celebration cocktail
that we can make on the 6th June to celebrate our anniversary and DD Day!

Much Love xx

Winner announced on 7th June after cocktail has been tried and tested!!!


  1. My personal favourite cocktail is a Yellow Submarine; 2 shots of vodka, 1 shot of white rum, 1 shot of banana liquer, shake with orange and pineapple juice and serve over ice.

    Or, a Sophia Loren; 1 teaspoon vermouth, 2 shots of gin, 1 shot of Campari, 2 teaspoon Cointreau. Swirl the vermouth around in a tall, thin glass to coat it, then toss out any extra. Shake everything else with ice, then pour over ice into the glass.

  2. My favourite drink is a coffee martini. You could try an 1 part expresso, i part Baileys, 2 parts vodka.

    I love any drink with coffee and alcohol!

  3. Only One???? Aaargghhh
    Pimms Turbo
    1m Pimms no 1
    1m gin
    4m lemonade
    pour all into an ice filled goblet and serve with a slice of lemon.

  4. The Hilo Hattie

    1c cracked ice
    1tbs lime juice
    3oz light rum
    3/4 oz Cointreau or Triple Sec

    Blend for 20 seconds, pour into champagne glasses and garnish with a gardenia.
    Makes 2 drinks.

  5. wow, keep 'em coming :-)

    I should add you can post as many recipes as you wish!! xxx

  6. You are a year old on my Gran's 98th birthday!
    I don't drink so no recipes from me, just wanted to say congrats and Happy Birthday. I'm so happy it is working out so well for you, you deserve it.xx

  7. All right, you said post as many recipes as I want, so I'm just going to put in my current favorites! The first two don't require a shaker, so I'm not sure they count.

    1. Gimlet (a la Hammett): equal parts gin and Rose's Lime Juice. I toss an ice cube in to provide a brief respite from the gimlet-ness, but you may roll deeper than I do.

    2. Paloma, aka my new favorite warm-weather drink. Pour a couple of fingers of tequila into a highball glass, fill with grapefruit soda.

    3. Dirty martini, and I mean *suuuper* dirty. Add 2 parts gin to 1 part vermouth, 1 part olive brine. Shake until arctic. My father makes these in quarter-liter measures, which probably explains a lot about me.

    4. Scottish Breakfast! Totally over the top, totally, dangerously delicious. Put 1.5 oz scotch, .5 oz applejack (if you can't get any, Calvados is the best substitute), 1 oz cream or milk, .5 oz maple syrup, dash of simple syrup into a shaker, shake like hell. Serve on the rocks with cinnamon and oats dusted over the top.

  8. One I did at bar training school...

    1 part creme de banane
    1 part bacardi
    1 part creme de coco
    1 part cream

    shake over crushed ice ,serve in chocolate syrup lined champagne bowl with a cherry dropped in it.

    Marilyn because its blond sweet and fluffy with a long lost cherry:)

  9. Happy Birthday!

    This is from 1936: Frank Buck's Singapore Gin Sling
    (Otherwise known as the "Bring 'Em Back Alive" Cocktail)

    1 jigger D.O.M. (Benedictine)
    2 jiggers cherry brandy
    3 jiggers dry gin
    juice of 1 lime
    dash of orange bitters
    dash of angostura bitters
    Add water or soda (as preferred) in amount equal to the above ingredients.
    Mix with swizzle stick until foamy.
    Add ice chipped fine, and serve

  10. Pineapple Upside Down Recipe
    drink rating drink rating drink rating drink rating
    Ingredients My Bar
    1 oz Absolut Vanilia Vodka Vodka
    1 oz Pineapple Juice Juice
    1 splash Grenadine Syrup